Are you getting your 90 essential vitamins and minerals?

Did you know many diseases are due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies?   According to well-known doctor and founder of Youngevity Dr. Joel Wallach (author of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie“), there are 90 essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to be healthy of which we cannot get from eating food alone.    Join me…


Are you 90 for life?

Are you 90 for life?  Take the healthy body challenge today! What is 90 for life? Find out more at my site or ask me   Corporate: Youngevity  


Are You Ready?

When tragedy comes into your life how do you react? As a person who battles depression, I find that simply hearing about death and tragedy can send me further into a depressed state.   However, if we set aside the effects that tragedies and horrific events may have on a person fighting depression, death and tragedy are both…

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Hollywood and Noah Challenge

This is a link to a recommended article by Ken Ham which includes a challenge concerning Hollywood’s latest take on the Bible—-namely Noah’s Ark.    Noah Challenge article         Advertisements


Noah Official Trailer

This is the Noah movie everyone should watch….Available for download on Feb 28, 2014 Advertisements


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