God Spoke to Me

So I was getting ready to eat a meal with my family today but it wasn’t just any meal. This time I was upset about something and happened to be quite upset and depressed too.  Then with frustration in my voice I announced it was time to pray for the meal and added the phrase, “although I don’t know why”.   It was at that moment I looked out the window and saw this image.


What do you see?

The shadow of a cross was being projected on a hedge across the street….. and how?


It really doesn’t matter how…it was meant for me at that precise moment…

God was answering my question of “why pray for our meal?”….He answered with the Cross.

He paid the penalty for my (and your) sin, He forgave my sin…. I needed to remember that…. He wanted me to be thankful.  I need to be thankful and that is why I need to pray. Period.

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